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Web: Having an online presence is important for all businesses. Danielle works with you to create the right site, drawing from her experience in not just design, but also navigation and UI. Then she teams up with professional programmers who create sites with interactive, secure, and/or animated elements.

American Shipper Compliance Program


Nearly all businesses utilize PowerPoint as a presentation tool. But, our experience has taught us that presentations are usually created by people who are good speakers or good business people, but who aren’t trained in design—and what’s more, they usually don’t want to worry about it. Yet your presentations should really look as polished and …



Infographics are a great way to tell people the status of the market and show them that you understand the problems they’re facing; then tell them how your company solves the problem. Danielle Vernelson, owner of Incite Media, has we’ve designed dozens of infographics with excellent results like you see here.



Your brand is the visual identity for your business. Branding services from Incite Media can include creating or revamping a logo, creating letterhead and business cards, or creating other promotional materials. Danielle has experience and enthusiasm for all these options.